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From the Secretary-Treasurer

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As you may have noticed, Ihave been keeping a low profile lately, or

should I say, even lower than normally so. I have been in NewZealand since

February where I am a visiting professor at theUniversity of Otago in

Dunedin, the country's oldest university, located on theSouth Island.

Charlene and I have appreciated theopportunity to make new friends and

see some outstanding scenery, but of course everything is topsy-turvywith

fall setting in, the leaves changing, andsnow starting to fall in the mountains

which area three-hour drive away. I was involved in a conference last

month with several Christianhistorians from the Pacific area and will be

doing some lecturing elsewhere as well. We will be back in the U.S. in July.

Thus I am slow in responding to snail mail, as I haveit forwarded only

twice a month. What doescome to the office at Gordon College gets to me.

My e-mail comes to me daily so I can keep track of that better. Inspite of

my usual absent-mindedness things seem to be running reasonably smoothly

in the CFH. We now have FIDES ET HISTORIAback on schedule, and you

will be receiving the winter-spring 2002 issueshortly. We owe a real debt of

gratitude to Ron Wells and Lorrie Menninga at Calvin fortheir outstanding

effort in producing such a high-quality journal.

In December, before I left, I sent everyone a letter indicating theirdues

status. If you were told that you needed to pay your 2001dues and have not

done so yet, please send in your $20.00 ($15.00 student or retired) whilethe

idea is fresh in your mind.

If you can't remember, send money anyway--to

take care of 2002. I will be sending out a reminder for this year in July.

Because of the faithfulness of so many of you,we have been able to

hold our membership at 600and journal subscriptions at 300 libraries. What

is especially remarkable is that it is the result of volunteer labor on thepart of

many people.

Our affiliate status with the American Historical Association

gives us visibility and academic credibility as well. I thankall of you for your

support and encouragement.