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From the Editors

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Since you have been bombarded above bymaterials related to the fall

CFH conferences, we will ceaseand desist here...except for one final word in

regard to the premier local attractions awaiting conferees in Huntington IN.

These are presented at www.huntington.edu/cfh/hyperfun.htmandwill be

periodically updated. Take a look; you'll regret it.

Secondly, we again request your contributionsfor the NEWSLETTER,

such as news about your activities, information concerning conferences, and


Contact us via eMail=pmichelson@ huntington.edu or snail mail at

Department of History, Huntington College, Huntington IN 46750.

We also encourage you to letthe CFH Book Review Editor, Doug

Sweeney (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) know if you are willingto

review books for FIDESET HISTORIA. Contact him at Trinity Evangelical

Divinity School 2065 HalfDay Road Deerfield IL 60015, or by eMail at


You will also have noted (perhaps, perhapsnot---we didn't) from Dick

Pierard's mailing in November 2001 that 2002 is an election year forthe CFH.

Nominations for vice-president/presidentelect and executive board

members should be sent to Dick (via eMail=CharRichP@aol.com)for

transmission to the nominating committee.

Finally, wewould like to recognize here the work of history students

(and a few hangers on) at Huntington College inconnection with the

production sideof getting this newsletter out. Did you ever wonder how

those littleadhesive dots got stuck on the outside cover? They can tell you.

(They can also tell you that sometimesthey don't adhese very well either.)

Thanks. You know who you are. Ex tenebris, lux.

The Gang of Three and then some