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Alvin O.Turner is the editor of Caroline Henderson, LETTERS FROM

THE DUST BOWL (University of OklahomaPress, 2001). He is also available

to give lectures based on the three biographies he has researched:Caroline

Henderson, David Pendleton Oakerhater, a Cheyenne recognizedas a saint

by the Episcopalians, and L.W. Marks, an Oklahoma Baptist organizer.

can contact him via eMail=aoturner@adacomp.net.


Richard Weikart (CaliforniaState University, Stanislaus) reviewed

Brigitte Hamann's HITLER'S VIENNA and Ian Kershaw, HITLER,(2 vols) for

BOOKS AND CULTURE (March/April 2001): 18-21.

His "German History

Sources" website atwww.csustan.edu/History/Weikart/gerhist.htmhas

recently been updated and is a helpful resourcefor teaching about German


Jeff Webb (Huntington College) will be participating in the NEH

Summer Institute at Penn State entitled "Space and Society in the Past:

Landscape, Power, and Identity in the Early Modern Atlantic World,"which is

co-directed by Dan Beaver and Garrett Sullivan.

David H. Wollman (Geneva College) will retire as Professorof History

and Chairperson, Dept of HIS/POL/SOC at the end ofsummer 2002. He and

Ann (who is also retiring as Registrar at Geneva College) hopeto be teaching

and consulting at the Lithuanian Christian College in Klaipeda,Lithuania

during the Fall Semester 2002. Dave's book,PORTRAITS IN STEEL: AN


CORPORATION Kent State University Press, 1999 (co-author Donal Inman),

continues to sell well. He will continue to serve as ExecutiveDirector of the

Beaver County Industrial Museum, albeit on leave duringthe Fall Semester


Paul Michelson (Huntington College) will be avisiting lecturer on

Moldova and Romania this spring at theForeign Service Institute in

Washington DC.

He was a contributor to THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF