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Economics of Compassion; Economics of Religion; Taxation; ThirdWorld

Debt; Immigration; andDenominational Perspectives on Economics. Contact

JohnPisciotta@baylor.edu for more information.


paper submissions for its spring meeting, to be held on May 8-10, 2003,at the

Louisville Presbyterian TheologicalSeminary. The program committee is

eager to consider paperson all aspects of the history of Christianity,

particularly papers on the region centered around Louisville.Session

proposals are also encouraged, with CVs included for allparticipants. Paper

proposals go to: Professor Kathryn Johnson,Louisville Presbyterian

Seminary, 1044 Alta Vista Road,Louisville, KY 40205. eMail=

kjohnson@lpts.edu. Fax: (502) 895-1096. Those interested inattending the

meeting should contact Dr. David Sawyer, Office ofGraduate Studies, same

mailing address; eMail=dsawyer@lpts.edu;Fax: (502) 894-2286. You may also

find furtherinformation about the meeting at the ASCH web site at



The Currents in World Christianity research projectwas completed on

31 December 2001. Two resources from theCWC web pages have been

transferred to the web pages of the Henry Martyn Centre for MissionStudies

at Cambridge University. They are the list of NAMP and CWCPosition

Papers and the link for the Missionary Periodicals Database.

The Position Papers will continue tobe available for purchase through

the Henry Martyn Centre.There is a limited supply of paper copies left.

When these are gone the papers will be availableonly in electronic format. A

CD-ROM compilation of all NAMP andCWC papers not already published

elsewhere will beavailable after 1 March 2002, again through the Henry

Martyn Centre.

The MissionaryPeriodicals Database continues to be hosted on a

server atthe Yale Divinity School. It may be accessed directly

(http://namp.divinity.yale.edu/NAMP.taf)or via the 'Links' button onthe

Henry Martyn Centre homepage.

For information about ongoing seminars and otherevents, and for

valuable resources for mission studies please visit the Henry Martyn Centre

web pages at http://www.martynmission.cam.ac.uk.