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Annual dues in the CFH are$20.00 ($15 for students and retired

persons), payable at the beginning of the calendar year. Fullinformation is

given on our web site at www.huntington.edu/cfh.

The secretary-treasurer willbe sending out reminder notices in July,

2002. Why not avoid the unpleasantness sure to occur when yourpostman

finds out that you arestiffing such a swell organization as the CFH? And

what would your next door neighbors think? Send in your check today.

If you would like to renew your membership or wouldlike to become

a member of the Conference on Faith andHistory, please complete the form

below and send it posthaste with the appropriate dues payment to:

Richard V. Pierard

Gordon College

Department of History

Wenham, MA 01984

------------------------------------------please print---------------------------------------------


Institutional Affiliation

Mailing Address


eMail Address