Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

university scholarships & awards

Through its scholarship program, the University attracts superior students for undergraduate and graduate study. Scholarship students are expected to make contributions to the total academic program, to challenge all students to academic excellence and to enhance the intellectual life of the campus. Talent and leadership award winners bring a special vitality to the overall University program. Students receiving awards are expected to uphold the ideals of the University as a condition of their awards. University awards may not exceed the amount that would diminish state or federal awards and may be awarded as partial awards to meet University award guideline limitations or based on academic achievement. Financial aid packages include appropriate self-help contributions from work-study earnings, loans, parental contributions and summer earnings and savings. Students must maintain continuous enrollment for renewable awards that are applicable only toward tuition for the first baccalaureate degree. Institutional aid is awarded on an annual basis and renewal cumulative gpa’s are determined after January Term for upperclassmen and spring semester for new students. Institutional scholarships, grants and awards may be received for a maximum of ten semesters.

Presidential Scholar awards in the amount of $9,000 each are made for academic excellence. These awards are renewable for up to four years of college provided the recipient maintains a 3.4 cumulative gpa (those whose cumulative gpa drops below a 3.4 may be eligible for other academic scholarships and grants). Eligible applicants must have a minimum of a 3.6 gpa and have either a combined Math + Verbal score SAT of 1250 or composite ACT of 28.  And additional $2,000 can be added onto the basic $9,000 if an applicant has a 1320 SAT (Math + Verbal) and/or 31 ACT (composite).

National Merit Finalists are granted a $6,000 scholarship and Semi-finalists $4,500, which will be added on to a student's academic scholarship. 

(HU Honors Scholarship) Academic Scholarships are made for the first year of attendance based on high school gpa, class rank and SAT/ACT scores. The range of the awards is from $2500 - $5000 per year.  Awards can be renewed by having a 3.0 cumulative gpa by the end of January Term for returning students and by the end of spring semester for new students – for the following school year. Funds for these scholarships have been provided through endowment by the: Adler Scholarship, Anderson Medical Scholarship, Austin Music Scholarship, E. Dewitt Baker Alumni Scholarship, Ruth Ann Barcanic Memorial Scholarship, Becker Memorial Scholarship, The Bendix Scholarship, Irene F. Bergdall Scholarship Endowment, Bippus State Bank Scholarship, Brenn Science Scholarship, Helen Brooks Teacher Education and Christian Ministries Scholarship, Betty A. Brown and Donna & Leora Ackerman Teacher Education Scholarship, H.S. and Ethel Brubaker Memorial Scholarship, Emil and Ruth Bucholtz Scholarship, Keith A. Carver Memorial Scholarship, Harold and Ruby Cherry Christian Ministries, Maurice B. Clark Scholarship, Ralph E. Clifton-Grabill Bank Scholarship, Francis Keeling Coe Memorial Scholarship, Lois Booth Cook Science Scholarship, Curie Social Sciences Scholarship, Datema Family Christian Missionary Scholarship, Doris H. Derrah Scholarship, Dolby Memorial Scholarship First Presbyterian Church Scholarship, Frederick O. Fisher Scholarship Fund, Mary Lydia and David Frey Memorial Scholarship, Jarrod L. Geiger Memorial Scholarship, Taylor and Cecile Gluth Scholarship, J. Ben and Mary Elizabeth Good Scholarship, G. Richard Goshorn Memorial Scholarship, Grayston Scholarship, Florence Grayston Memorial Scholarship, Eleanor Green Scholarship, Eugene and MaryLou Habecker Scholarship, Walter and Francis Habecker Christian Leaders Scholarship, Hackett Scholarship, Dr. Robert M. Hafner Scholarship, Benjamin Ray Hallman Christian Ministries Memorial Scholarship, Matthew Gerald Hallman Theatre Arts Memorial Scholarship, Hattox Family Scholarship, Hebron/Emmanuel Church of the UB Christian Ministries Scholarship, Hendrickson Family Scholarship, William F. Herbst Scholarship, Heritage Fund of Huntington County Scholarship, Esta and Hermann Howard Scholarship, Eva Hileman Sadler Scholarship, Basil and Nellie Holloway UB Scholarship, Hull Family Scholarship, Hunckler Scholarship, Huntington County Bar Scholarship, Huntington County Laboratories Scholarship, Huntington University Auxiliary Scholarship, Huntington University Faculty Scholarship, Huntington University Foundation Scholarship, Dr. Leslie L. and Mary L. Huntley Scholarship, Johnson Petroleum and Johnson Junction Scholarship, Rachel Leoni Hoskins Kelty Christian Communicators Scholarship, Clara Kimery Scholarship, Richard Klopfenstein Scholarship, Katie Kobelski Memorial Scholarship, Kruger Memorial Scholarship, Francis H. Langholf Memorial Scholarship, Roxy Lefforge Scholarship, Majestic Scholarship, Richard and Shirley Mann Scholarship, Mabel and Mildred McGinity UB Scholarship, Clyde W. Meadows United Brethren Scholarship, Medical Memorial Society Scholarship, Memcor Scholarship, Miller Memorial Scholarship, Alfred J. and Victoria Napolitano Scholarship, David R. Nicholson Memorial Scholarship, C. Dale and Eleanor Older Scholarship, Mary Osborn Memorial Scholarship, Deborah Jo Osgood Memorial Scholarship, Gertrude Pastor-Austin Scholarship, Pizza Hut Scholarship, Emile and Evelyn Ponsot Memorial Scholarship for International Students, Marvin D. Price Memorial Scholarship, Harold and Betty Pontious Christian Financial Information Ministries Scholarship, Purviance Family Scholarship, I.B. & Martha Pulliam Scholarship, Dan & Marilyn Quayle Centennial Scholarship, Mildred Marie Rediger Clifton Scholarship, Lewis and Hazel Reiff Business & Economics Scholarship, Lewis and Hazel Reiff Memorial Scholarship, Reiff Family Scholarship, Mary Edith Reiff Teach Education Scholarship, Robbins Memorial Scholarship, Rock River Ministerial Endowment Scholarship, Ed and Polly Roush Family Scholarship, Royce & Janice Ruckman Youth Ministries Scholarship, Britt and Denise Sather Scholarship, Satterthwaite Family Scholarship, Savage Scholarship, Nyla Jeanne Schenkel Medical Scholarship, Ella Cadwallader Schofield Memorial Scholarship, Schumm Scholarship for Science Students, Shipley Memorial Scholarship, Harold C. Shuck Endowment Fund, Shuttleworth Scholarship, Henry and Doretta Smith Scholarship, State Bank of Markle and Don Hoopengarner Scholarship, Stemen Music Scholarship, Student Senate Impact Initiative Scholarship, Bee Swoveland Dellinger Teacher Education Scholarship, Ted’s Memorial Scholarship, Robert and Ruth Thompson Scholarship, Thorne Music Scholarship, Tinnerstet-Morgan Scholarship, United Methodist Memorial Home Employee Scholarship, Wabash Inc. Scholarship, Jean & John Walmsley Scholarship, Bob Wilson Scholarship, Helen D. Wilson Scholarship, Doris Ann Woodcock Wiest Scholarship, and Wynder Family Scholarship.

Further information on specific awards may be obtained from the admissions or financial aid office.