Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

film production

"The Likeness of Sydney Mann"The Film Production major is a real-world filmmaking program at Huntington University. Students work hand-in-hand with our qualified faculty and mentors from the field. (Check out the work on the film "The Likeness of Sydney Mann" with professionals such as "Duck Dynasty's" Jim Orr.)

Creating Art, Creating a Career

Students are given the foundation in storytelling and HD filmmaking techniques in order to produce and direct both live-action and documentary films that reflect our faith and speak truth to the culture at large. Digital media arts students practice faith-informed thinking about this enormously popular and pervasive form of storytelling.

Students work on high-tech equipment in high-tech studios and settings. The Martin Center for Digital Media Arts is fully equipped with a green screen, editing labs, equipment stage, and a screening theater. The department also owns a RED Scarlet-X camera for student use.

Well-Rounded Professionals

Through the program, you will be challenged with the historical, theoretical, and spiritual aspects of being a filmmaker.

Through classes, practicum experiences and studio work, you will gain the practical knowledge needed for entering a career in filmmaking. You’ll also have an opportunity to participate in the Los Angeles Film Studies semester exchange and in the department's post-production company, Forester Films.

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