Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana


from those who have participated in the Loan Repayment Program at Huntington University

"Being able to send our girls to Huntington University seemed financially impossible. However, by using the Loan Repayment Program, our anxieties have eased and we can focus on supporting them with confidence."
Parent of current student & incoming freshman from Indiana

"The Loan Repayment Program is giving me a chance to go to Huntington University and get a great education, with a little less worry about how I am going to be able to pay for it in the future."
Current student from Indiana, Social Work Major, Class of 2013

Simply because of the Loan Repayment Program and the relief and peace of mind it offers students about their future loan debt one of my prize students, a sophomore whom I am counting on to be a leader in our program, will be returning to HU in the fall and will now be able to complete her degree at our institution. Because of this situation, I have a student leader for an additional two years, and she is attending a school that not only will allow her to achieve her fullest potential academically, socially, and spiritually, but SHE knows that she attends a university that is willing and able to help students through these difficult economic times. I couldn’t be more grateful for the Loan Repayment Program and for HU’s innovative and thoughtful planning.
Professor at Huntington University

“The Loan Repayment Program has lifted a huge burden from me! I am confident that God has not only called me to ministry but also to Huntington because He has provided a way to help financially cover my education. Without this program HU would not be possible for me. It is a true blessing!”
Current student from Indiana, Educational Ministry-Family & Children major, Class of 2012

“With the economy the way it is, we were thinking about putting our daughter’s education aside for a couple years, especially because her field of study, ministry, was not a high paying job. At the time we were thinking about it, we decided to be praying about it. Not long after that, she was told about the Loan Repayment Program. It sounded too good to be true, but it turned out to be a sure answer to prayer. Not only did it allow her to continue to inform her calling in ministry, but it allowed her to stay at Huntington, which she absolutely loves. Thank you so much for this blessing.”
Parent of current student from Indiana

“For me, the Loan Repayment Program was an answer to prayer and a sign from God that HU was the place where I was supposed to be. After my Freshman year of struggling to come up with the payments month by month, the Loan Repayment Program provided me and my family with some peace of mind and some finality as to whether or not I was really in the right place. If it had not been for this program, I know for certain I would either be at a different school or working a dead-end job right now. It is my hope that many more students in the same situation as me can have the great pleasure of being offered the same blessing.”
Current student from Michigan, Bible & Religious Studies major, Class of 2011

“The Loan Repayment Program has given me the opportunity to continue my education at HU and given me the chance of being able to participate in a semester abroad. These are both because of the benefits of theLoan Repayment Program. It has taken a huge burden off of my shoulders and my parents as well. It really is a blessing.”
Current student from Texas, Social Work major, Class of 2012

“In the Fall Semester, it became apparent that for our daughter to stay in school God would have to provide a way. She had applied for all the scholarship possible and it appeared that the only possible way was to take out more loans or have her sit out a semester and work. After much prayer she called and told me about the Loan Repayment Program. At first I could not believe that a program like this was available. It was indeed and answer to prayer. Because of this program, our daughter was able to stay in school and finish out this year. Thank you.”
Parent of current student from Texas

“The Loan Repayment Program has made me more confident about continuing my education; now I don't have to worry about not having enough money to pay for my education after I graduate. Financial stability is very important to me, and the LRAP is like an "insurance policy" against being unable to pay off my bills in case I don't get a good job in the film industry. I feel safer and more confident. Also, on a slight detour, the Loan Repayment Program helped 'force' me to decide whether I wanted to stay at Huntington University and finish my education or not. It put me in a position where I had to decide whether or not I want to 'go the distance.' I decided to go for it. The commitment has added some stability and certainty to my life, and I have the Loan Repayment Program to thank for that.
Current student from Pennsylvania, Film Production major, Class of 2013

"Knowing that the Loan Repayment Program is available and waiting in the wings has made all of the difference between whether our son could continue his education at H.U. or having to drop out. When he received word that he had been accepted into this program it came at a time when we had been seeking the Lord's guidance regarding his continued education. We felt it was as if the Lord was directly saying to us, 'Trust Me, I'm here and I care'; this calmed our spirit and gave us a sense of assurance we had been lacking."
Parent of current student from Michigan

"Without the Loan Repayment Program, it was very likely that I would discontinue my education at Huntington. I didn't know how I would do my job very well without the rest of my education. But, I was prepared to trust in God if that would be the case. My parents and I started to be in prayer about it, praying that somehow God would make a way for me to stay at Huntington. A couple weeks later, I was told about the Loan Repayment Program. I was so thankful. I've been able to grow a lot this year through both my classes and a student leadership position. I'm very glad to be able to stay at Huntington."
Current student from Indiana, Educational Ministry-Family & Children major, Class of 2011