Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

sample course schedule for graduate counseling program

Year One

Fall Year One Spring Year One  
CN 601 Human Growth and Development CN 604 Theory and Practice of Assessment             
CN 602 Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues CN 606 Theory and Practice of Groups
CN 603 Theory and Techniques of Helping Relationships CN 607 Career and Lifestyle Development
Summer I Year One Summer II Year One
CN 610 Found. and Dimensions of Mental Health Counseling Elective

Year Two

Fall Year Two Spring Year Two
CN 605 Social and Cultural Foundations CN 609 Models and Application of Integration
CN 611 Knowledge and Skills of Mental Health Counseling CN 651 Supervised Internship
CN 650 Supervised Practicum  Elective
Summer I Year Two Summer II Year Two
CN 652a Supervised Internship CN 652b Supervised Internship
Elective    Elective

Year Three

Fall Year Three  
CN 608 Methods and Practice of Research  
CN 653 Advanced Internship  

Available Electives

Fall Electives  Spring Electives
CN 623 Methods and Practice of Spiritual Direction CN 621 Foundations of Spiritual Direction and Formation 
CN 641 Foundations of Addictions Counseling CN 643 Foundations of Child and Adolescent Counseling
CN 644 Gerontological Counseling CN 645 Intimacy, Sexuality, and Gender
  CN 647 Foundations of Crisis and Trauma Counseling
Summer I Electives  Summer II Electives
CN 642a Foundations of Play Therapy CN 642b Foundations of Play Therapy
CN 646a Psychopharmacology CN 646b Psychopharmacology
CN 648a Psychopathology, Personality and Abnormal Behavior CN 648b Advanced Seminar in Mental Health Counseling
CN 647 Foundations of Life Coaching CN 622 Methods and Practice of Spiritual Formation
  CN 640 Foundations of Marriage and Family Therapy

Additional Notes: 

  • Electives CN 640 - CN 648 will be offered based on enrollment 
  • CN 660 Independent Study may be taken with Director's approval 
  • Students are not required to follow the sample schedule as presented above 
  • See student Handbook for the course prerequisites

Printable Sample Course Schedules