Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

meet the faculty

Del Doughty, Huntington University, a Christian college
Dr. Del Doughty
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Professor of English

Del Doughty is Professor of English, Chair of the Division of Humane Studies, and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. He teaches courses in creative writing and world literature and has published a few short collections of poetry.


Dr. David Alexander, Hunington University, a Christian college
Dr. David Alexander
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Dr. David Alexander earned his Ph.D. in philosophy and Master of Arts in philosophy from Baylor University in 2008 and 2005, respectively. His areas of specialization include ethics, metaphysics, and philosophy of religion.


Tanner Babb, Huntington University, a Christian college
Dr. Tanner Babb
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Tanner Babb teaches in the undergraduate department of psychology as well as in the Huntington University Graduate School.


Dr. Luke S. Fetters, Huntington University, a Christian college 
Dr. Luke Fetters
Professor of Ministry and Missions
Director, Institute for TESOL Studies

During his time in Asia, in addition to church planting, Dr. Luke Fetters was involved in teaching English and serving as a TESOL consultant to school districts in southern China.

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Dr. Kevin Miller, Huntington University, a Christian college
Dr. Kevin Miller
Professor of Communication

Dr. Kevin Miller joined the communication faculty in 2002, coming from Christianity Today magazine where he was associate editor and writer. His articles have also been published in Christian History, Your Church, Christian Reader, New Man, and Leadership Journal magazines.


Dr. Tim Smith, Huntington University, a Christian college
Dr. Tim Smith
Associate Professor of History

Dr. Tim Smith joined the faculty in the fall of 2007. He previously taught history at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom. His research and teaching focus on imperial and diplomatic history.