Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

reaccreditation committee members

Dr. Del Doughty, Co-Chair
Interim Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Jeff Lehman, Co-Chair
Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Norris Friesen, Mission Chair
Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Linda Urschel, Integrity Chair
Professor of English

Dr. Tanner Babb, Teaching and Learning - Quality and Resources Chair
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Jeff Webb, Teaching and Learning - Assessment and Improvement Chair
Professor of History

Dr. Steve Holtrop, Resources and Planning Chair

Dean of Graduate and Professional Programs

Jesse Brown, At-Large
Associate Dean of Student Development/Director of the Horizon Leadership Program

Sarah Harvey, At-Large

Dr. Kevin Miller, Editor
Professor of Communication

Julie Babb, Designer

Graphic Designer