Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

studio art

Students have students spaces to create work alongside their professorsSkilled Professors to Skilled Artists

At Huntington University, students are exposed to training from skilled professors who develop them into artists, scholars, and, ultimately, expand the depth and breadth of their creative energy and expression for the glory of God. As a studio art major, students will develop knowledge, skills, concepts and sensitivities essential to the professional life of an artist.

The studio art program is a professional undergraduate degree which broadens the studio art experience needed for post-graduate study.

Creating Well-Rounded Professionals

While the Bachelor of Arts degree in fine art provides a well-rounded liberal arts education along with a fine art major, the Bachelor of Science degree in studio art is geared toward students serious about becoming professional artists or pursuing graduate-level study. Students in the studio art program study drawing, design, painting, ceramics, sculpture, or photography while giving and receiving constructive criticism, and participating in dynamic discussions. Students also take courses in art history and criticism to gain the skills to discern major art styles and periods, to understand the historical role of art as a means of expressing ideas in religion and culture, and to appreciate the heritage of the visual arts in Christian worship.

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