Christ. Scholarship. Service.

“Scholarship” is a word that has at least two meanings.  We commonly use it to mean a reward, a “cash prize” in recognition of outstanding performance in school.  

As a high school senior applying to college and looking for a way to help pay for it, that’s probably how you tend to think of it.  For example, you might hear yourself saying something like “Hey, I won a $1,000 scholarship from the Rotary Club for college next year!"

But “scholarship” is also the word that we in the university use to name the work that we do.  Everyone in the university—scientists, philosophers, theologians, nurses, historians, psychologists, you-name-it—uses or produces scholarship in the course of her or his professional life.

Next year, when you begin your college career, you will start to use the word in this new context, as in, “I just finished reading Gibbon’s History of the Roman Empire, which, although it is over two hundred years old, is still an insightful work of scholarship.”

Here at Huntington University, we would like to invite you to an event that brings both of those meanings together:  it’s “Scholarship Day 2016.”  Come to campus.  Take two scholarly challenges in the subjects of your choice to compete against other future Foresters for scholarship prizes.  That’s right:  it’s scholarship for scholarship!  After that, enjoy lunch with one of our faculty members.  And then in the afternoon, stick around and attend our “Academic Research Forum,” where you can see some of our current best and brightest students present their best scholarship of the past year.  

You can RSVP below.  Don’t forget to bring your parents.  We have informative panels and presentations of them to attend while you are competing.

Questions about the day? Contact:

Dr. Del Doughty
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Professor of English
(260) 359-4245


9:30     Welcome @ Recital Hall

10:00   Students: Exam 1 @ MCA 150

            Parents: The Liberal Arts Experience @ Recital Hall

11:00   Students: Exam 2 @ MCA 150

            Parents:  Financial Aid Q& A @ Recital Hall

12:00   Lunch with Faculty @ DC Banquet Rooms

            Experiential Learning

2:00     Academic Research Forum @ Dowden Science Hall

4:00     Reception @ Dowden Science Hall

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