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Meal Plans

Students have multiple options to choose from when selecting a meal plan. There are plans to meet the needs of varying academic schedules and dining preferences.  

Important Terms:

  • Transferable – can use a meal for a friend
  • Certain limitations apply – students may not transfer leftover meals to another student, they must be present when card is used
  • Non-Transferable – meals are only for the individual student
  • Flex Dollars – flexible-use funds that are added each semester and may be used on campus at the Dining Commons and Norm's.
  • Forester Bucks – flexible-use funds that are provided by Huntington University each semester and may be used on campus at the Dining Commons, Norms, or the HU Bookstore or off-campus at Café of Hope, 509 Coffee House, or Pizza Hut.

Facts to Know

  • Meals do not carry over from one semester to the next (with the exception of commuter plans).
  • Both flex dollars and forester bucks carry over from the fall semester to the spring semester, but not from the spring semester to the following academic year.
  • Neither flex dollars nor forester bucks will carry over from the fall semester to the spring semester if either semester's meal plan is cancelled — one must be enrolled in a meal plan during both semesters.
  • All first-time freshmen must choose Meal Plan A
  • Only students in Forester Village, Miller Hall, and Meadows Hall are eligible for Meal Plan C.
  • Meal balances reset on Friday.

January Term 

All resident students who are on a meal plan will be placed on identical meal plans to their fall semester. Students who were not here in the fall, but who will be here in the spring, will be placed on identical meal plans to their upcoming spring semester. The spring meal plans begin with breakfast the day classes start for spring semester.