Classes apply to real-world situations

Becky Gerhart joined Wells Fargo in her hometown of Peru, Indiana, in 1972, and in November 2006, she was named community president in Huntington, where she oversees two branches. Gerhart started out as a proof operator, manually feeding debits and credits through a reading machine, a job that’s long since been supplanted by newer technology. Over the years, she rose through the ranks, serving in several positions of increasing authority and responsibility.

On the fast track in Huntington University's adult degree programs, Gerhart earned a bachelor’s degree in organizational management (now business administration) in just two years, having tested out of some courses and earned credits for work experience. “I absolutely loved the program,” Becky says. “Huntington provides the opportunity to study with other nontraditional adult students who have a lifetime of experience in business and other fields to share. You don’t get that studying with 18- or 19-year-old traditional students.

“Huntington also provides a very well-rounded education, even though the degree is in business,” Becky continues. “The things you learn in classes on the Christian faith can be applied in your everyday life, and another class about other faiths provides insights than can be very helpful in today’s world. Of course, the business-related leadership and management classes are very applicable to my job. The ethics class reinforced what I already practiced—adhering to the highest of ethical standards is paramount in banking. And,” Becky adds, “Classes meet just once a week. That leaves time for work, family, and other interests.”