Huntington student finds immediate application for courses

As the executive assistant at Wabash County Chamber of Commerce, Beth Miller has responsibilities in areas such as accounting, marketing, public relations and membership sales and retentions. In spite of her busy schedule, when her boss began taking classes at the Wabash location of Huntington University adult degree programs, Miller followed in her footsteps.

“I am a life long learner,” Miller says. “So taking the next step to finish my education at Huntington wasn’t that difficult.”

Miller says that there were 16 students in her largest class. This close interaction with others made a significant contribution to the quality of her education, a difference she would not have found at other schools with classes of 200 or 300 students.

Miller is grateful for the support and commitment provided by her professors, who made themselves available through e-mails and phone calls.

“When I have had a professor at HU for a second or third class, they remember me and my work from the previous class,” she says. “The professors care about the students and work to ensure a successful learning process.”

In her current position, Miller works with a variety of personalities and levels of commitment. She believes that her skills in communicating with people have improved through this program.

“I believe that the education I have received has helped me become calmer in dealing with people and has taught me alternative ways to work with people to accomplish my and my organization’s goals,” she says.

Huntington has also made an impact in Miller's spiritual growth. She now incorporates knowledge from her Bible classes at HU into her Sunday school class participation.

Beth believes that Huntington's program has many positive qualities, including the small classes and the attentive professors and staff.

“I have recommended the program to several people,” she says. “It is a great way for the non-traditional, older student to earn a college degree while still working and raising a family.”

Beth obtained her bachelor of science in business administration in 2010.