Huntington’s adult degree programs springboard for career

For Huntington University student Greg Kaminski, unemployment was something he saw coming.

Working at AutoLiv, a car safety plant in Columbia City, Kaminski watched the automotive industry decline.

“At the age of 30 I started to hear of the effects of outsourcing in manufacturing,” Kaminski says.

Realizing his job was in jeopardy, Kaminski took action and enrolled in Huntington’s adult degree programs in 2005.

In 2009 he graduated with an associate’s degree in organizational management.

“One week after receiving my associate’s degree, my factory shut down and moved out of the community,” Kaminski says. “My intuition was right.”

That’s when Kaminski decided to start a non-profit organization, JuneStar.

JuneStar is designed to link children with mentors who will help them achieve their goals, and to reach the elderly in the community who are in need of a “buddy.” 

“This idea was inspired by how I grew up, and meets my desire to give back to the community,” Kaminski says.

The skills he learned at Huntington equipped him and gave him direction for the organization.

Wisdom from the teachings of Dr. Mark Fairchild and Dr. Luke Fetters also helped Kaminski grow in his faith while at HU.

“The professors are what make this university special,” Kaminski says. “They’re committed to you as an individual.”

He finds that Huntington’s commitment to your success makes the difference.

“No matter what goals you have,” says Kaminski, “HU will be there to help make it happen.”

Kaminski launched JuneStar in 2011, and graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Not-for-Profit Leadership in 2012.