Incorporating faith into practice

As a registered nurse, Holly Restemayer struggled to balance her family life and work life. Adding an academic life into the mix brought even more worry. 

But on the first day of class, her professor handed out a sheet of paper listing a few guidelines as well as “the beatitudes of nursing.” This convinced Restemayer that pursuing her knew then that pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) through Huntington University’s adult degree programs was the right decision.

“The professors relate scripture and devotions to the nursing topics we are discussing in class,” says Restemayer. “I’ve already seen how being a student has impacted how I incorporate my faith into my job.”

Restemayer had always dreamed of becoming a nurse, and after some time in the field, she decided to further her career and take the next step toward a BSN. Thanks to the availability of the Huntington staff, Holly went ahead and enrolled. 

“Tonya Horvath paid attention to me and was always readily available if I ever had a question,” she said of the program admissions consultant.

Students enrolled in Huntington’s adult degree programs meet once a night each week. Every Thursday evening, Restemayer looks forward to seeing her fellow classmates and catching up with them.

“If there is ever a break in our schedule, we sometimes text each other and find out what everyone else is up to,” she says. “We’ve been able to really get to know each other.”

Along with the nursing courses, students at Huntington Bible and religion courses for a more well-rounded education. Restemayer already feels that her knowledge of faith and religion has been expanded.

“The first class we took was Survey of the Bible,” she said. “I learned more in that five weeks than I ever have in church.”

Restemayer serves at Parkview Oaks, a rehabilitation home for long-term care in Columbia City, Ind., as the interim director of nursing. She oversees the staff, interviews potential employees and develops the care-planning process for each patient.

Restemayer will graduate in December 2012 with her BSN. She plans to remain at Parkview Oaks and continue providing stable leadership to staff and clients.