HU student discovers economy can’t hold her down

After spending many years dedicated to customer service, Lisa Miskovich of South Whitley, Ind., found herself unemployed in 2008. 

By 2009, Miskovich had started a new position at Onward Manufacturing as an Inventory Analyst. Her desire to work pushed her to continue her education, and she ended up at Huntington University, where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

“The jobs I applied for all required bachelor’s degrees,” Miskovich says. “I couldn’t go any further in the application process for any positions, so I decided to go back and finish my education.”

Miskovich originally wanted to work in the medical field, but after praying, she felt God calling her in a different direction.  

Many factors played a role in deciding where Miskovich wanted to complete her degree. She already lived in Huntington, and she liked how HU students could move through the program at a faster pace compared to other schools. She also liked how Huntington’s classes fit nicely into her already hectic work schedule.

At her new job, Miskovich found herself face-to-face with obstacles and didn’t know where she fit in at first with the company.

“[Onward Manufacturing] is big on spreadsheets,” Miskovich says. “I had to familiarize myself with current spreadsheet functions again when I started. The company also is Canadian, so I studied their regulations and policies.”

HU’s classes continue to help Miskovich think of new ways to improve the company and how she could bring more to the company through her education and what she takes away from classes.

“I like working with other students and learning about their walks of life,” Miskovich says. “The professors and students taught me that I can’t always go to a textbook to find the answers I need and that the obvious answer may not always be the right answer.”

By taking classes at a small institution such as HU, Miskovich interacts with the same students everyday and feels like she gets to know them better than she would if she attended classes at a larger school.

Along with getting to know the people she studies with, Miskovich enjoys the spiritual component of her classes and the growth taking place in her own walk with God. She appreciates how her professors start off classes with prayer and the support she receives from fellow students who will pray for her.

Miskovich advises individuals in her situation to look at HU. “If you are thinking about continuing your education, look at HU’s program and see what they have to offer.”

“You don’t get lost here,” she adds.