Huntington graduate appreciates adaptability of program

As a marketing specialist for Apollo Design Technology in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Melissa Irk’s responsibilities include multi-tasking several projects, monitoring a budget and staying current on marketing trends. Despite her busy work schedule, Irk was determined to finish her degree.

“I chose Huntington University’s adult degree programs because it was tailored to working adults,” she says. “It was the quickest, most efficient way to finish my degree.”

In 2009, Irk accomplished her goal and earned a bachelor of science degree in business administration.

She appreciates how the process of earning her degree at Huntington showed her the bigger picture. It allowed her, as a manager, to see how departments can interact with each other. Irk says she has applied the knowledge she gained in the way that she supervises others.

“I also saw how religion could interact with all aspects of life — even in the business world and in education,” she says.

Irk is grateful for the support the staff gave her as she worked to complete her degree.

“I most appreciated how willing the staff and faculty were to accommodate working adults,” she says. “The professors were helpful and knowledgeable, and the program was extremely welcoming in all aspects – from the education to spiritual growth.”

Going back to school can be challenging, but as Irk points out, “If you’re a working adult, there isn’t another program that’s nearly as adaptable.”