The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Champions of Character program instills an understanding of character values in sport and provides practical tools for student-athletes, coaches and parents to use in modeling exemplary character traits.

Launched by the NAIA in 2000, the Champions of Character program addresses character issues more comprehensively than any other national program for youth. The program reaches hundreds of thousands of students on nearly 300 college and university campuses in North America and extends into their surrounding communities.

The NAIA Champions of Character program is an educational outreach initiative that emphasizes the tenets of character and integrity not only for NAIA college students but also for younger students, coaches and parents in our communities.

Coaches, parents, administrators and community partners all have roles in developing students of character. The NAIA Champions of Character program brings them training, guidelines and behavior models to create positive environments that promote personal growth and fun sport activity.

five core values

RESPECT: Treat others the way you want to be treated. 
RESPONSIBILITY: Embrace opportunities to contribute.
INTEGRITY: Know and do what is right. 
SERVANT LEADERSHIP: Serve the common good.
SPORTSMANSHIP: Bring your best to all competition.

For more Champions of Character resources, visit the NAIA website or the Champions of Character website.