Meet the Members

Carla MacDonald
Associate Professor of Social Work / Field Education Director
Collin Hobbs
Assistant Professor of Biology
Heather St. Peters
Associate Professor
James O’Donnell
Executive-in Residence / Emeritus Standing
Jeffrey Webb
Professor of American History and Pre-Law Advisor
Luke Fetters
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty
Mark Fairchild
Professor of Bible and Religion
Martha Smith
Dean of Student Services / Director of Career Development and Counseling
Mary Ruthi
Professor of Sociology and Department Chair
Nathan Short
Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program, Assistant Director
Paul Michelson
Distinguished Professor of History
Shoshannah Hernandez
Director of the Institute for TESOL Studies and Assistant Professor of Education
Tanner Babb
Associate Professor of Psychology and Associate Academic Dean
Tim Smith
Professor of Non-Western History
Todd Martin
Professor of English and English Department Chair
Tedla Woldeyohannes
Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Non-Western Studies
Isaac Barber
Director of Student Success