Assistant Professor of Chemistry
(260) 359-4343

Dr. Timothy L. Troyer earned a B.A. in chemistry and physics from Goshen College in 1996, an M.S. in chemistry from the University of Michigan in 1999, and a Ph.D. in chemistry from Vanderbilt University in 2008. His thesis involved the development of a new Brønsted acid catalyzed addition of diazoimides to imines.

Dr. Troyer worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb pharmaceutical company for several years in the area of new drug development. He was an assistant professor of chemistry at West Virginia Wesleyan College for 4 years before arriving at Huntington University in the fall of 2012.

Dr. Troyer teaches organic chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, and chemistry in contemporary society. His primary research interests are in organic synthesis and natural product isolation, but he also dabbles in gold recycling from electronics, vitamin B12 analysis, and energy drink analysis.

He is also active in SOTL research and the development of new educational materials and new undergraduate lab experiments.

Tim and his wife, Angela, have 3 children. His hobbies include puzzles, gardening, woodworking, and reading.