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Join us for Huntington University's 2018 Film & Broadcast Academy!

Join Huntington University’s Digital Media Arts program next summer and experience the best of broadcast, animation and film production.

When you attend our academy, you will learn one-on-one from award-winning faculty, collaborate with other aspiring artists, meet industry professionals, and leave with both a short f­ilm and broadcast segment for your portfolio. You’ll also critique ­films, hang out on HU’s campus, take f­ield trips, and showcase your work at Family Preview Night. If you’re interested in a career in f­ilmmaking, animation, or broadcasting, our academy is for you!


July 15-20
Dinner on Monday to dinner on Thursday


Cost includes your stay in the dorms, all meals, and field trip travel!

Campers Can Be: 

High school freshman through seniors

Check back for more information!