“Using film to delight and challenge the campus community”

This is a weekly film viewing event led by Digital Media Art majors offering a variety of documentary and feature films with a student led discussion following each viewing.

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Spring 2014 Season

Signs and Wonders is proud to announce the theme and directors chosen for this semester. We will be starting off the season with Wes Anderson’s ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ on Thursday Feb 6th at 9pm in the Becker Hall screening room. On Thursday evenings we will explore most of Wes Anderson’s filmography including ‘Rushmore’, ‘The Life Aquatic’, and ‘Bottle Rocket’. Followed by a short Woody Allen series covering his classics like ‘Annie Hall’ and ‘Manhattan’, to his most recent works of ‘Midnight in Paris’ and ‘Blue Jasmine’.

We will be presenting animated features on Sunday. Starting with the classic ‘The Iron Giant’, we will be showing old familiars like ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ as well as modern foreign favorites like ‘Secret of Kells’, ‘Triples of Bellville’, and ‘Paprika’. We are also proud to be featuring the 2014 Oscar hopeful ‘Ernest and Celestine’. Along with the features we will be screening various animated shorts. We hope that you will all come and enjoy the wonder and magic that is animation. Animation Sundays will be held in MCA room 150 starting at 8pm.

We invite you to explore these wonderful films with us and hope to see you there.