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Visiting Executive Seminar

Friday, March 24th | 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Habecker Dining Commons

The Visiting Executive Seminar is hosted once each fall and spring as a way to allow students to interact with and learn from area executives. Each seminar focuses on a different topic. The topic for this spring: Is Our Nation’s Debt a Problem?

We'll ask questions such as 

  • Do we have a problem with our nation’s debt? 
  • Should we be worried? 
  • How might this kind of debt hurt us, our children, or grandchildren?
  • Should we not, as adults, care about such stuff?
  • After all, aren’t we concerned about the kind of country we are turning over to the next generation?  

When we’re young, we may think money grows on trees. Or maybe that some things just need to be done, no matter the cost. As we get older, we may see that resources are not limitless and have to be wisely managed. I hope you will see this issue as important in the moral and intellectual development of Christians’ lives, young and old. Many of our best students—like good students anywhere—try to think through what makes a “good person.” Does our attitude and knowledge about debt matter? You can help our students think through this issue, hopefully with care and rigor.  

If you are intersted in attending this event, please RSVP to Linda Schmitz at

Myers Funeral Home is underwriting this event, so there is no cost to you for the seminar or breakfast. Optional lunch afterwards costs $5.

Presenter: Troy Irick and Jim O'Donnell
Contact Information
Linda Schmitz
(260) 359-4099