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Experiential Learning Opportunities

Friesen Center for Service & Experiential Learning

The Friesen Center for Service and Experiential Learning works with Huntington University professors and students to facilitate internships. (Read more on individualized studies, including full descriptions and tuition rates.)

A student completes a contract in cooperation with their professor, selecting the type of experiential learning opportunity, as well as goals for the experience.

The Experiences We Offer


An internship is practice-oriented, requiring mastery of theory and basic skills for a career. A minimum of 40 contact hours per credit hour is required for an internship (from two to four credit hours).


A practicum includes supervised observation and exposure to operations through participation.  A minimum of 30 contact hours per credit hour is required for a practicum (from one to three credit hours).

Job Shadow

A job shadow includes observation of daily activities in a field of study, permitting the student to see how skills are applied. A minimum of 30 contact hours per credit hour is required for a job shadow (from one to two credit hours).

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews boost confidence in preparation for a read interview. Schedule a face-to-face or virtual mock interview by emailing


Each student completes a self-evaluation at the end of their experience. Use the links below or visit Huntington University Forms

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