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Friesen Center for Service & Experiential Learning

The Friesen Center for Service and Experiential Learning works with Huntington University professors and students to facilitate internships. Experiential learning opportunities place students in learning environments in which students apply classroom strengths, knowledge, and skills to a career field. To help your student better understand strengths, visit Know Your Strengths or email FriesenCenterExperience@huntington.edu.

A supervising professor is assigned to each internship, practicum, or job shadow experience and is in contact with the experience supervisor to follow the student’s progress in the experience. The supervising professor is responsible for evaluating and assigning a grade for the experience. For more information, click here.

Students must complete an Experiential Learning Contract and have it approved by the University before beginning the course. The supervising professor determines the requirements for the experience and the contract outlines the weekly required attendance as well as the required activities and assignments.

Students and site supervisors complete evaluations for each experience:

Site Supervisor Evaluation – Internship or Practicum

Student Self-evaluation – Internship or Practicum

Site Supervisor Evaluation – Job Shadow or Course-related

Student Self-evaluation – Job Shadow or Course-related

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