Huntington University’s Intensive English Program (IEP) is the ideal way to improve your English and to prepare for your university education. Intensive English (or ESL) classes are available to degree-seeking students needing to improve English language proficiency before enrolling full-time in degree-seeking courses. Students scoring less than a 75 on the TOEFL iBT or less than a 6.0 overall on the IELTS will be placed in Intensive English courses. Students placed in Intensive English courses are considered full-time Huntington University students and will be required to live on campus and comply with the Community Life Agreement as explained in the Student Handbook.

HU's IEP offers either part-time and full-time weekly instruction (depending on your TOEFL or IELTS score) from professional, highly-qualified teachers who are native English speakers. Your communication skills will greatly improve, and you will develop better study and research skills. Free tutoring is also offered which will give you the individual help needed to succeed even faster!

Program Requirements:

HU’s IEP has multiple levels to best meet your language learning and university preparation needs. Students will be placed in a particular level for one semester before being reassessed for new level placement.

Academic Level:

Students scoring between 35 and 50 (TOEFL iBT) or scoring a 4.5 or 5.0 (IELTS) will be placed in the academic level and will attend full-time IEP classes.

Advanced Level:

Students scoring between 51 and 74 (TOEFL iBT) or scoring a 5.5 (IELTS) will placed in the advanced level and will attend a combination of 0-level IEP courses and 100-level IEP courses which will allow them to earn some elective credits toward their degree. Students scoring between a 68 and 74 can also begin taking 6-8 credit hours of degree courses in conjunction with IEP classes.