Master of Arts in Counseling

The Institute is committed to make this quality and affordable training model accessible to everyone. The Institute is engaged in continuous development of all best-fit technologies.

Our therapeutic model is based on several foundations: scriptural teachings, neuroscience, and the best research-driven methods. You will understand the theory and the practical aspects at the same time. And you’ll learn the breakthrough power of relationship, authentic relationship, which is the foundation of all healing and growth. 

The classroom experience at the Institute is innovative, unique and highly effective. It will involve not only lecture and content delivery, but also will engage you in the experiential delivery of concepts and skills. There will be different “experientials” you will participate in: live role plays and enactments; videos of master therapists doing counseling sessions; movie and media vignettes which demonstrate concepts; and personal application for your skills as a therapist.

Finally, from the opening orientation to graduation, you will be in an active process of personal, spiritual and professional growth with your fellow students and the Institute’s faculty. 


Students will take classes in a residential setting at the Huntington main campus. Most classes meet once a week in the afternoon or evening for 14 weeks.

Licensure Standards

In Indiana, to be licensed, you need 60 hours in your Master's program. 

Some students will practice in states that only require a 48 hour degree program for licensure. Some students may choose another ministry or career that doesn't require licensure. These students will have the option to take a 48 hour MA in Counseling. This program will consist of 24 hours that follow the CACREP (Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Programs) core (CN 601-608); 1 Practicum and 2 Internships (9 hours); Personal Development Skills Process Group (3 hours); Foundations/Dimensions and Knowledge/Skills of Mental Health Counseling (6 hours); and Spiritual Formation and Integration classes (6 hours). Students may add electives if they need more for licensure in another state.

Because Indiana's licensure requirements are more stringent than most other states, students who complete their degree at Huntington often have fewer roadblocks in state-to-state licensure mobility. Huntington University's M.A. in Counseling meets or exceeds all of Indiana's standards for licensure as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). Students should know the requirements of the state in which they want to practice. 

Students from other states needing to complete licensure requirements can do so at HU.