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Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership


Online Degree

Your degree on your terms and your timetable.


3-Day Intensive

Your degree on your terms and your timetable.


Graduate in 2 Years

Convenient 7-week courses let you finish your MAOL quickly with one- or two-year options.

The Scaffolding of Leadership

Organizations flourish when their leaders possess knowledge, skills, AND character! You can become an equipped leader with the right tools to think strategically and act with integrity. Help your organization win by understanding critical elements to organizations health; process elements like vision and core values; strategic operations; and relationships, including teams and organizational culture. Know yourself too! Become the leader you want to work for!

To become a high performing leader, your #1 tool for success will always be you.

When leaders are at their best — professionally and personally — organizations flourish. Huntington University’s Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership will not only provide you with solid theoretical and practical knowledge and skill, but also with a path to personal growth through unique emphasis on character-development, community of practice, and reflexivity emerging from a Christian worldview. Our optional three-day intensive leadership training experience allows you to engage your fellow students, interact with highly-trained faculty, and launch your personal growth. You will receive both lecture content and experience within the context of a process group to facilitate your understanding of an organizations best resource: its people.

The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program empowers you to apply theories and practices to your immediate area of influence. Interacting with your peers as a community of practice gives you the opportunity try new skills, discuss leadership challenges, and shore-up ideas in tangible ways. Huntington University’s Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership will teach you to:    

  • Align the strategy with the mission
  • Develop systems and operations that work
  • Drive teams that are positive and effective
  • Create clarity
  • Construct a healthy culture
  • Inspire others
  • Engage in problem-solving conversations that are productive

Students will create a personal development plan during their time in the program. The faculty will review the plan, and make suggestions on ways to accelerate the growth process.