Huntington University: Entry Level OTD Program Student Outcomes

NBCOT Pass Rates

The initial Entry Level Doctorate of Occupational Therapy Class of 2017 began coursework on August 25, 2014, with graduation slated for May 2017. The first National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) pass rates will be available the beginning of 2018. Visit this link for NBCOT pass rate information by university.

Student Retention

Student Scholarship

Evidence Based Practice Poster Presentations – INOTA Spring Conference May 2, 2015

Midwest Alliance of Health Education – MAHE Research Scholarships 2015, 2016

Interprofessional Education Courses – OTD Huntington University, Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Trine University, Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioners at St Francis University; Doctorate of Pharmacy at Manchester University, Medical Students and Nurse Practitioners at Indiana University met 3-4 times to develop professional roles, work on case studies, Root Cause Analysis, and interview skills. This unique program in the USA brings over 250 graduate students together to develop greater client outcomes and efficiency for future health care workers.

Textbook scholarships 2014, 2016

Student Service Projects

OTD 706 Global Outreach and Missions – 32 OTD students and 3 OTD Faculty

Student Activities 

OTD Publications