Occupational Therapy Scholarship Competition

Join us at our Fort Wayne location Friday, March 10, 2023 for the Occupational Therapy Scholarship Competition. This event is only available to OTD applicants invited to interview or applicants that have been previously accepted into the program.

Questions? Email graduate@huntington.edu

Occupational Therapy Scholarship Awards

ScholarshipAmount Awarded
Top Award$7,500 per year for two academic years 
2nd Award$5,000 per year for two academic years
3rd Award$2,500 per year for two academic years
Merit Awards$1000 over the two academic semesters

Scholarship Competition Submission Process

To qualify for a scholarship for the Huntington University Occupational Therapy program, choose a topic below and submit a video (5 minutes or less) that addresses one of the following:


  • Compassionate Care: The Huntington University OTD Program emphasizes service-learning to underserved and diverse populations. How will you use your degree to serve in this capacity?
  • Translating Evidence to Practice: Evidence-based practice is essential to optimize functional outcomes for individuals, groups, and populations. How will you use your OTD degree to contribute to and/or apply the evidence base of our profession?
  • Innovative Technology: Occupational therapists are experts at modification and adaptation. Develop a novel adaptive device and describe how it might facilitate performance of an activity of daily living (ADL) or instrumental activity of daily living (IADL)? 

Only .mp4; "."avi; .mov file formats are permitted. The scholarship committee will make award based on the following traits our faculty believe lead to excellence in occupational therapy.

Scholarship Competition Submission

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