Doctorate of Occupational Therapy 
Tuition and Financial Aid (2018-2019 Academic Year)

Tuition per credit hour is $895* (111 total hours). 
The three-year program completion plan with tuition and fees is as follows:

 Year  Credit Hours  Tuition  Fees   Total Cost
 Year 1  48 Hours  $38,973  $600  $39,573
 Year 2  45 hours  $38,973  $600  $39,573
 Year 3  18 Hours  $21,500  $250  $21,750
 Totals  111 Hours  $99,446  $1,450  $100,896




*Tuition charges are distributed by term and not by hours. The costs listed above do not include textbooks. Tuition and fees are subject to change in subsequent semesters or if a student withdraws and wishes to re-enroll at a later date. Billing statements will be provided prior to each term outlining payment due dates.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available mainly in the form of Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loans and Federal Graduate PLUS Loans. Other options may include employer reimbursement, veterans’ benefits, or private loans. For information about financial aid, call 800.642.6493 or email