Professor Emeritus of Physics & Chemistry / Dean Emeritus of the University
(260) 359-4207

Dr. Gerald Smith joined the Huntington University faculty in 1967 after teaching chemistry at another liberal arts college in Michigan. His interests in nuclear chemistry and physics took him to the University of Washington for graduate study following completion of his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Huntington, and subsequently to Purdue University where he completed the Ph.D. in radiation physics.

He was active for many years in the Fort Wayne area section of the American Chemical Society for which he edited the Section newsletter and served as Section Chair. He was recognized as Chemist of the Year in 1982.

Dr. Smith served as vice president and dean of the College for sixteen years, intermittently teaching physical chemistry and liberal arts physics before returning to full time teaching in 1998. His evolving interests in cosmology and astrophysics prompted him to erect a radiotelescope on the new Science Hall where he studies galactic rotation. He is engaged in active research on muon decay that retains his interests in nuclear physics.

He’s a member of numerous professional organizations including the American Physical Society, American Chemical Society, American Association of Physics Teachers, and the American Association of University Professors.