If you need a ride from the airport, the Global Studies Office provides free transportation from the airport to HU for all students flying into Fort Wayne International Airport. Please email us with flight information.  

Public transportation is not available in Huntington. The train you hear from your room is an industrial train. There is HAT (Huntington Area Transportation) which is run by a nonprofit organization. It works like a taxi, but you need to book 24 hours in advance (260) 356-3006. Most students who don’t have a car ask friends to drive them to the supermarket or anywhere else.

You will need to find your own transportation to the airports. The University does not have a drop off or pick up service. As a courtesy to the person who takes you it is polite to offer money for gas expense.

There is a service in Fort Wayne that provides transportation to the Indianapolis airport. Call Hoosier Shuttle Service (877) 392-2463 to set up times for transport to/from the Indianapolis airport. Pick up is not at HU so you would need a ride to Markle Exit 286 Sunoco Gas Station; or Exit 278 the Warren Truck Stop; or at US24/I69 (Exit 302) Village of Coventry at Bob Evans. The cost is $39 one way (price subject to change). This needs to be scheduled in advance to make sure of availability. Visit Hoosier Shuttle for more information on their services.