Chloe-Ann Shaw (Jamaica) 

What made you decide to come to HU? 
The possibility of working with a great theatre program and of course the scholarship and grant I received.

What was the most surprising thing about coming to the U.S.? 
I was never really surprised, but elated by my first snow experience! It was just raining when I went inside for class then all white and wonderful two hours later when I got out!!

Describe your classes and your professors. 
I love my major, theatre performance! The teachers are great and care about you. All the teachers care about you and are willing to help you succeed.

How has Huntington University prepared you for your future career? 
I am so much bolder as a person because there is little room for shyness as a theatre major. I am more confident. I know more of who I am and who I want to give to the world. Moreover I have received amazing resume and cover letter help from the Enterprise Resource Center here on campus. Very few people know that these people exists to help you with these things and act as a personal when for you too when you are looking for a job! The ERC is a must visit!!