Mark Anthondy William (Trinidad and Tobago)

I graduated from Huntington University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management in 2008. After several odd jobs as an independent distributor with a direct marketing firm and sales clerk, I finally secured a permanent position as a Relationship Banker with M&T Bank in Laurel Maryland. After working as a banker for several months, I realized that it wasn’t my true calling, so I returned to my homeland of Trinidad and Tobago. Once there, I immediately got involved in the community through football (soccer) with my original club- 1st FC Santa Rosa. Although I still played with the Men’s team, I started coaching more seriously on weekends with the academy and soon progressed to the super league competitive youth teams.

I also quickly secured a permanent position at the Office of the Prime Minister as an Administrative Assistant in the Cabinet Secretariat. Not exactly aligned with my degree, but an absolutely incredible avenue to gain valuable experience, this employment opportunity provided several perspectives to my quest for professional development. 

The unique experience at Huntington allowed me the convenience and ability to successfully adjust to the many challenges of progress in a somewhat new field. The liberal-arts experience has enhanced my ability to succeed in numerous academic and professional fields as well as the diversity of adapting to the constantly changing business environment. I also used the knowledge and experiences at Huntington to initiate growth and development as well as design new innovative marketing strategies for my family business, Chateau Guillamme, a home-based bed and breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Currently, I reside in the Bronx, New York where I am a full time soccer coach. I am currently coaching a wide range of players, both in terms of age groups, as well as level of competitiveness, I am required to master several different techniques to be effective. I work with kids from age 2 years old in a non-competitive, fun, learning environment with a company called Super Soccer Stars. I am also the Assistant coach for Lehman College, a Division III reigning CCUNY Conference Champions of 2011. I also work as a developmental coach in Barcelona New York, winners of three titles out of five teams. I am also a volunteer coach and mentor at FC Harlem as well as Internacionale FC providing my professional services several times every week stimulating positive leaders in the community. My life as a working, student- athlete at Huntington University has definitely equipped me with a solid foundation to successfully adapt and organize such a busy schedule effectively.