The RichLyn Library is the location for checkout and delivery of most audiovisual hardware and media materials on campus. The audiovisual hardware located in the library is for general campus usage or for the use of Campus Student Publications. Equipment for DMA and Film Studies majors is located on the third floor of Becker Hall and should be checked out through the DMA Department.


 All campus personnel and students must have their Campus ID Card to check out equipment. The following pieces of audiovisual hardware are available:

A faculty member’s signature or email to the Circulation Coordinator may be needed to authorize a student’s checking out of some equipment. Students must have faculty or staff permission to check out:

Production Services

RichLyn Library provides limited production services. A scanner is available that may be used for Power‐Point presentations, etc. The library also provides a stereo audio cassette duplicator. Both audio and video tapes may be purchased at the circulation desk. Copyright restrictions should be observed when using the duplicator or copier. In addition, the library has two laminators. One is for small projects (40 cents per lamination), and the other is a 27” continuous roll laminator (40 cents per foot). Please call 15 minutes ahead to allow for the machine to warm-up.

Media Collection

A media collection is provided for classroom and recreational use. It is located on the Lower Level. The collection includes:

Popular DVDs (movies and popular documentaries) are located on the Main Level in front of the Circulation Desk. Classical and Jazz Music CDs are located in the Reference Area on the Main Level. Vinyl recordings are located in storage and must be requested through the Circulation Desk. All media titles are listed in the Public Access Catalog.