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Heather St. Peters

Director of the Friesen Center for Service and Experiential Learning

(260) 359-4138

Dr. Heather St. Peters serves as the director of the Friesen Center for Service and Experiential Learning at Huntington University. Heather’s appointment as director capitalizes on use of experiential learning in the classrooms with partners such as the American Red Cross, Goodwill, LaBov and Beyond, Markarios International, and Panhurst Farms. Heather’s research with Huntington University’s Occupational Therapy Doctorate program includes the benefits of service- learning. She also trains OTD service-learning participants prior to domestic and international projects.

Heather served from 2015 to 2020 as lead faculty and then director of the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, developing online curriculum, instructing, and working with students to navigate online learning opportunities. In addition, Heather planned and implemented leadership intensive workshops with local and national speakers and friends of Huntington University. Heather also received StrengthsFinder training through Gallup for individuals and managers.

on her doctoral degree in global leadership and research in human capital development and continues a twenty-five-year career in higher education. She received her PhD in 2012 from Indiana Institute of Technology, building on an interdisciplinary background with a Master of Science degree in communication and a Master of Science degree in political science from Illinois State University.

Before joining Huntington University, Heather served as vice president for human resources with LCC International University in Klaipeda, Lithuania, fostering faculty and staff recruitment, onboarding, and development in a multicultural organization with expatriates from North America and Europe. The university served a student population from approximately 30 countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Heather also oversaw migration, developed and revised university policies, conformed processes to reflect Lithuanian regulatory agencies’ requirements, provided curriculum expertise for the foundation of two academic programs, and developed annual assessment procedures and documents for faculty and university employees. Heather’s relationship with LCC began in 2001 when she and her husband, Dr. Tim St. Peters, provided instruction as visiting faculty in a summer term. Since that time, Heather, Tim, and their three daughters, Emma, Éva, and Léna, have traveled to Lithuania almost annually.

Passion for ministering to women prompted Heather to help open A Friend’s House in Bluffton, Indiana. Heather facilitated board development, including needs assessment, strategic planning, board training, and timeline; developed organizational policies, personnel descriptions, and hiring practices; led the committee assigned to manage leadership transition for the entire executive team; and developed and monitored a strategic plan for program improvement and expansion. As director of development, Heather identified and courted major donors and achieved a balanced budget for the organization each year she served as an employee.

Heather’s academic publications and presentations cover a vast array of topics, including service-learning, expatriation, cross-cultural training, learning styles, business education, business curriculum, bicultural management, community leadership development, experiential learning, and internships. Also, Heather speaks at various conferences to address gender reconciliation, women and the church, grief, and Gnosticism and fatalism in the church.

Heather and Tim are committed to raising Emma, Éva, and Léna. As a result, Heather exposes the girls to various cultures, reads dystopian literature, and plays chauffeur various art and sporting events. Heather and Tim have been members of Trinity Evangelical Church since 1998 and serve as youth sponsors.