Joel Vilensky

Part-Time Faculty

Dr. Joel Vilensky began teaching human anatomy within Huntington University’s entry level doctor of occupational therapy program in 2014. In addition to the anatomy courses, he now teaches the Diagnostics (mainly Medical Imaging) course. Each summer, upper class OTD students have an optional summer cadaver dissection course under his direct supervision for prosecting the human cadavers.

Dr. Vilensky has published numerous textbooks on both anatomy and radiology, one of which is published in multiple languages, most recently Russian. Dr. Vilensky collaborates with the OTD students for research efforts to develop publishable articles relating to anatomy and occupational therapy. Dr. Short and Dr. Vilensky are currently completing final processing of an Anatomy/Kinesiology textbook specific to occupational therapy. Recently, HU secured an Anatomage table via a grant from the Lilly Foundation. This cadaver-sized platform allows for virtual cadaver dissection. Dr. Vilensky is currently conducting an analysis of the accuracy of the anatomy presented in the Anatomage Table. The Anatomage Table will be used in Dr. Vilensky’s teaching of both anatomy and diagnostics for the OTD students. Prior to coming to Huntington, Dr. Vilensky taught Clinical Anatomy to medical students at Indiana University School of Medicine for 34 years. While there he conducted various research endeavors resulting in over 100 publications and research grants.