Audrey Brooks

Web Content Manager

Audrey Brooks returned to Huntington University in 2021 as the web content manager in the Office of University Relations. She previously worked with the Office of Graduate Programs. In her current role, her main focus is to maintain and improve the Huntington University website and communicate the HU experience and the Spirit of a Forester across HU’s web platform. Audrey holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication studies with a minor in teaching English to speakers of other languages from Huntington University. Audrey has spent her career in higher education, and she remarks that as someone who felt a little lost with what she wanted to do with the rest of her life, finding her place in higher education as been very rewarding. She has held a variety of positions at both HU and Trine University and found that no matter the department, each employee is vital in driving the University forward towards serving students who are reaching for their goals.

Originally from Huntington, Audrey currently lives in Huntertown, Indiana, with her husband and daughter. In addition to spending time with her family, she loves sunshine and learning about what connects us all as humans. She also enjoys listening to autobiographical audiobooks and podcasts.