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Jess Hatcher

Resident Director for Livingston and Meadows Hall and Therapist for Counseling Services

(260) 358-3800

Jess Hatcher is the resident director of Livingston and Meadows Halls and a therapist for Counseling Services. She graduated from Anderson University in May of 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Youth Leadership Development and most recently graduated from Huntington University in 2017 with a masters in Mental Health Counseling. Jess is currently a LMHCA and is working towards licensure.

Jess is passionate about walking alongside students as they navigate adulthood and faith. She enjoys getting to know students deeply and creating a meaningful relationship that will give room for support, challenge, and growth. She spends most of her time with close friends, reading, drinking coffee, staying active, and pursing personal and spiritual growth.