What is PRIME? 

A unique part of the Huntington University ministry & missions program is the PRIME Experience (Practical Research and Immersion for Ministry Effectiveness). PRIME is a 7-month, full-time, off-campus ministry experience with intensive mentoring by an experienced ministry leader. Many schools have internships, but PRIME is unique. It will change your life.

The PRIME Experience has been available for about 20 years. Students have participated in numerous ministries in 33 countries, 34 states and the District of Columbia. Students have served in churches (large and small) of many denominations (UB, Southern Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Assembly of God, Church of God, Presbyterian, Willow Creek, Evangelical Free…and others) and non-denominational churches. They have served in the US and abroad with a variety of Christian mission, non-profit and/or para-church organizations, including Christian schools, community services, recreational ministries, publishers, juvenile justice facilities, recovery programs, and orphanages.

The PRIME Experience occurs during the students' senior year in which they are immersed into field ministry settings for seven months, from May to December. Students who select any of our Bachelor of Science degrees must plan schedules carefully in order that the summer and fall immediately following the junior year may be devoted to this field ministry immersion.

To be allowed to participate in the field ministry immersion, students must have completed specific courses within the Ministry & Missions and Bible and Religion departments, designed to give them a solid base of practical and biblical knowledge. Students must complete a PRIME application and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the major and overall 2.0 to participate in PRIME. During the PRIME experience students test their knowledge as they participate in the stretching internships. Students enrolled in the PRIME Experience do not take any other courses or become involved in other commitments that may detract from the overall ministry immersion experience.

How do I plan for PRIME?

During the second semester of their sophomore year students begin making plans for their experience. Students must make arrangements for their own transportation and living arrangements, though host ministry sites will be chosen in part for their ability to help facilitate this dimension of the experience.

If you are a youth pastor or a director of a ministry interested in providing a PRIME Experience opportunity you can e-mail Dr. Karen Jones or click here for more information. 

Where can I go on PRIME?

Our students have gained real ministry experience across the United States and around the world:

United States           International      
Alabama     Missouri     Australia     Kenya
Alaska     New Hampshire     Bangladesh     Macau
Arizona     New York     Bolivia     Malaysia
Arkansas     North Dakota     Brazil     Mexico
California     Ohio     Chad     Nepal
Colorado     Oregon     China     Philippines
Florida     Pennsylvania     Columbia     Scotland
Georgia     South Carolina     France     South Africa
Illinois     Tennessee     Germany     Thailand
Indiana     Texas     Haiti     United Kingdom
Kansas     Virginia     Honduras      
Maine     Washington     Kosovo      
Maryland     West Virginia     India      
Massachusetts     Wisconsin     Ireland      
Michigan     Wyoming