Excellent witness: Music graduate helps students sing a new song

As the head choral director at Ben Davis High School, Hersel Cremeans knows all about excellence. Since he began teaching, he has led several choirs to state finals competitions and led some on to win national titles.

Hersel graduated from Huntington University in 2000 as choral education major. But before he produced excellence, Hersel was attracted to excellence, something he easily found at Huntington University. The quality of the music department and its facilities convinced Hersel to apply to Huntington. Looking back, however, Hersel recognizes that his positive experience also was influenced by several other aspects of the university. The caring staff, the chapels and the friendships he made with other people all made Hersel very grateful for the four years he spent at Huntington.

Like many other students, Hersel found himself in small classes, a characteristic he highly valued because his professors gave him individual attention. “For my learning style, this was an incredible asset,” Hersel said. “I felt as if I was very ready to teach right after graduation. I had the proper training and field experience to prepare me for my career. I was very blessed in my student teaching placement and learned so much about what it takes to be a great choral director.”

Not only did the professors know Hersel’s name, but they also took an interest in him as a person. “My professors genuinely cared about me and my success. They pushed me to my full potential and helped me through some very difficult times in my life.” Hersel added. “There are amazing people at Huntington.”

The spiritual growth Hersel experienced while at Huntington was profound. “Through friends and traveling with a musical ministry team, I learned more about my own spirituality than I had in the rest of my life.”

Hersel also learned valuable lessons at Huntington that have helped him to integrate faith with his work in the public school setting. “I learned that God is in everything, and it is my responsibility to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. With God’s help, I am able to share my faith with my students in an open and honest way. I have seen many people come to Christ over the past eight years, and I gained the courage and knowledge that I needed to assist those young people through Huntington.”

As a Huntington student, Hersel was involved in several campus activities including choir, theater and One Voice, a music ministry team that traveled in Honduras, Nicaragua and Ecuador during January term.

“It was an amazing trip and an unforgettable experience. We met so many incredible people and were astounded by their faith. I also had several opportunities to go to area schools and be a part of their choral classes.”

Hersel highly recommends the music program at Huntington. “There is a very talented and knowledgeable faculty at HU. They are incredible musicians as well as educators that will help to foster a better understanding of music while helping you in your walk with Christ. You will get to know these people and become a part of their lives as much as they will be a part of yours.”

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