How do you know if Huntington University is the right place for you?

The Huntington model of an extremely comprehensive music department within a Christian liberal arts college is a viable choice for the Christian musician. The diversity and complexity of our curriculum and the variety of our degree programs and majors makes us competitive with any other accredited music institution. 

Visit us!

The old adage says, “Never judge a book by its cover.” In the same way, never judge a college or a music school by its brochure or web page! We strongly encourage you to visit our beautiful campus where we know you will enjoy our tree-lined paths, tranquil Lake Sno-tip, modern residence halls, thoroughly equipped physical education complex, tennis courts and soccer fields, and many other things that make our campus aesthetically fulfilling for the eyes and the heart.

Attend a chapel service, convocation, or a class

Huntington University is, above all, a community of faith. Faculty, staff, and students worship together in a variety of campus and community services each week and are dedicated to the integration of faith and learning. If you attend a biology or math class, don’t be surprised if you hear an emotional debate or discussion of Scripture. Theology and the search for discernment of biblical truth pervades every class and every thing we do.

What can you expect?


Academic Excellence


A state-of-the-art visual and performing arts facility in the Merillat Centre for the Arts


Am I good enough?

Musicians and artists, especially performers, probably second-guess themselves more than anyone else on earth and it’s true that there is always someone who sings more beautifully, plays the piano with more fire and technical dexterity, sat first chair all-state trumpet since he was in the fifth grade, or won every violin competition in the state during her senior year. But Christian musicianship is not about competition or who’s better than who. God calls everyone to whom He has given talent to become skilled musicians. The Huntington University Music Department, as all music schools, recognizes and rewards superior talent and musicianship, but no one with sufficient talent, determination, and experience is turned away. Granted, some students come to their college auditions with 12 or more years of private study, various awards, and varying school ensemble experiences. The music faculty at Huntington is primarily interested in potential for success in a music career and the students’ love of their art, their willingness to commit themselves to diligent study, and their desire to use their gifts for the glory of God. All auditionees are judged by these criteria.

Provisional Status

If, through the audition process, it comes to our attention that you do not have any advanced skills to bring to your music pursuits, you may be placed on a provisional status for the first year. This grants you full privileges as a music major yet indicates that the level of your accomplishments must be at or above a certain standard for you to continue. We do this to enhance your opportunity for success by providing you with the best incentives for succeeding in your chosen field.

If You are Transferring

It is possible to receive credit for work done at other colleges and universities. The procedure is:

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