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Cornerstone Edges HC

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A strong Cornerstone University squad edged the Foresters 1-0 in HC’s second game of the season. The Golden Eagles, who blanked the Foresters 6-0 last season, pressed the attack in the first half and finally took the lead in the 22nd minute. HC keeper, Katie Stiffler, attempted to smother a shot off the foot of Cornerstone’s Melissa Strohmaier, but the ball came loose and Strohmaier was able to put away the rebound. In the second half, the Foresters stepped up their game and were able to play even with Cornerstone. It looked as if HC would get the chance to equalize in the 79th minute when Kara Fultz was hauled down from behind in the box, but no call was made.
“Cornerstone was the stronger side today, but I think this game showed some of our players that they can compete at a higher level,” said Coach Datema. “With injuries to Fultz and Christi Shook we ended up playing five and six freshmen for much of the second half. Even so we felt a win was a reasonable expectation. This is something we can build on.” With the loss, the women fall to 1-1 on the season.