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Career-ready means more than resumes and interviews! Career-ready means discovery!

Discover yourself, your strengths, your passions. Once you understand yourself, you can build on your aspirations! The Friesen Center provides a process with resources to equip you to be career-ready when you launch from college to career!

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  • Professional Discovery
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Personal Discovery

When you understand your personal strengths and the way your strengths help you succeed, you can boost your personal performance in your academic and professional contexts.

First, contact Student Life to learn your top five strengths. Then…

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    Professional Discovery

    When you know what career you want to pursue, you can focus on the steps you need to take to succeed.

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      Professional Development

      Prepare to launch your career, translating your experience into conversation pieces and professional documents that can help you express your skills, experiences, and passions.

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        Professional Experience

        Gain hands-on experience in the career you are pursuing.

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