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Student Activities

Friesen Center for Volunteer Service
Friesen Center for Volunteer Service – The Friesen Center (formerly the Joe Mertz Center or JMC) helps the student body actively get involved in impacting the world for Christ. Students can participate in a broad range of service projects from a local blood drive, to work days in the Huntington community, to short-term mission experiences. Programs include Bingo Buddies, Pathfinder Services, Habitat for Humanity, Bridges, Open Door and many more. You can get involved with the Friesen Center!

Student Activities Board
SAB is a student-led organization responsible for the planning and coordinating of all student activities. Activities include things such as movies, concerts, special events, square dances, and skating parties, etc. The SAB Office is located in the upper level of the HUB. Click here for an application to join the team. (Login required.)

Student Government Association
Student Government Association (SGA) is an organization representing the opinions and beliefs of the Student Union. It serves as a liaison between students and faculty/staff/administration, and addresses issues that pertain to the student body. SGA elects and/or appoints all personnel for various student offices and positions (e.g., SGA committees, Student-Faculty committees, etc.). Membership consists of (1) the Executive Committee, made up of the president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer; (2) the presidents of the four classes; (3) two Senators from each class; (4) four senators-at-large; (5) two Commuter representatives; (6) one International student representative. The student body elects all of these positions annually. The SGA Office is located in the HUB. Click here to visit the SGA website on the campus portal. (Login required.)

The intramural program provides both men and women students with competitive team and individual sports activities. Included are activities such as: basketball, (3 on 3 and 5 on 5), flag football, dodge ball, softball, volleyball, ping-pong, and billiards.

Student Organizations

Acting on AIDS
The AoA student group exists to call the Huntington University and surrounding community to act on AIDS locally and globally. They desire to raise awareness through monthly meetings, a fall Spiritual Emphasis Week, interaction with local aid groups, and other activities

AdFed Chapter 

HU's AdFed Chapter is an off-shoot of the Advertising Federation of Fort Wayne, which is a non-for profit advertising club that is part of a larger, nationwide network of professionals. The club is for any student who wants a creative career but is not sure where to start. It is made up of digital media arts and graphic design majors, but it is open to artists, writers and those interested in the business side of advertising.

Amnesty International 
Amnesty is open to all students who are interested in discussing and raising the awareness of human rights issues.

Board Game Club
This organization creates organized times were both students and faculty can interact and build relationships while playing board games.

Computer Club
Computer Club is open to all students who are interested in stimulating a greater interest in the field of computer science. The computer club seeks to provide a forum for the discussion of current issues, participate in professional workshops, conferences, and tours, provide workshops and seminars for the local community, and provide an awareness of current professional careers.

Eunomia: Pre-Law Student Organization
Eunomia brings together students interested in the legal profession, law enforcement, and criminal justice. The group also includes students who have a general interest in public affairs, contemporary politics, human rights, conflict resolution, ethics & public policy, and similar issues. Eunomia sponsors programming to raise campus awareness of current legal and political issues, as well as programming geared toward those preparing for entry into the legal profession and law enforcement.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
The Fellowship of Christian Athletes challenges coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high and youth levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. FCA meetings welcome both athletes and non-athletes as well.

Film Club (Signs & Wonders)
Signs & Wonders is an organization that presents films on campus. Each film is followed by a discussion by students and faculty members, focusing on Christian perspectives on the film.

Global Vision
The purpose of Global Vision is to raise the campus community’s awareness of missions and to motivate one another to faith-based action. Participation is open to all students.

Habitat for Humanity
Habitat is open to all students interested in addressing the needs of substandard housing in the greater Huntington community. The University Chapter works with the local affiliate and sponsors a spring break collegiate challenge.

International Student Council (ISC)
The International Student Council of Huntington University seeks to understand, support, and satisfy the needs of international students, as well as coordinate quality recreational and educational activities in an effort to promote community involvement and harmony among international students and the student body at large. Read more...

Investment Club
The Investment Club is open to all students who have an interest in financial planning. Members are required to make a minimum investment of $10/month. The club researches investment possibilities and determines strategies with regard to the investment of funds.

Multicultural Activities Council (MAC)
Our mission is to encourage the community of HU students, staff, and faculty members to explore how race, ethnicity, and multiculturalism impact our world. Our goal is to break down stereotypes and create campus unity. We like to have fun and learn about each other in the process! Click here to see the MAC Facebook page. Click here for an application to join the team.

Mu Kappa
Mu Kappa is a ministry whose primary purpose is to reach out to the missionary kids on campus and help integrate them into the campus community life in a way that encourages them not only to learn from the community but also to use their unique perspective, their abilities, and their past experiences to engage and benefit the community. Mu Kappa provides an environment where missionary kids (MKs) can enjoy one another’s fellowship and affirm the validity of their life experience.

Nursing Student Council
The Nursing Student Council is open to all students who declare nursing as their major and exists to facilitate communication amongst students, faculty, and the administration. The Council will provide social and professional opportunities for nursing students to interact within Huntington University and the Huntington community.

Psychology Student Council
The student council exists to provide leadership opportunities and camaraderie among students. It’s to build a sense of community and identity by encouraging members and faculty to share ideas and experiences and offering support to one another in pursuit of present and future educational goals.

Recreation Club
The purpose of the Recreation Club is to promote participation in athletic activities, emphasize physical fitness, and foster a comprehensive recreational program.

Social Work Student Council
The student council exists to provide leadership opportunities and camaraderie among students. It’s to build a sense of community and identity by encouraging members and faculty to share ideas and experiences and offering support to one another in pursuit of present and future educational goals.

Ultimate Frisbee Club
UFC is a group of individuals that meet to play Ultimate Frisbee and all are welcome.

Student Publications

The Huntingtonian is the University newspaper produced by the editorial staff. Involvement in the newspaper is open to all who support its purposes and wish to cooperate in the publication of the newspaper. Several paid positions are available to students with the appropriate qualifications. The Huntingtonian office is located in the upper level of the HUB. 

Ictus is the annual literary magazine produced by the student members of Sigma Tau Delta. Submissions are open to the whole student body, but are accepted or denied by a panel of students.

Honor Societies

Alpha Chi National Honor Scholarship Society
Alpha Chi is limited to the top ten percent of the Junior and Senior classes. It is the highest academic honor on the Huntington University campus. Click here to learn more.

Alpha Gamma Pi Sorority
Alpha Gamma Pi is open to all female students with the primary objective of stimulating and enriching the social atmosphere as well as encouraging academic excellence, promoting leadership, and providing opportunities for service.

Alpha Psi Omega
APO is the national theatre honor society. Membership in APO is comprised of both theatre majors/minors and non-majors/minors. APO is responsible for numerous theatrical events on campus, including Fresh Faces (fall), Guerilla Theatre (twice each semester), The Golden Wiener Awards (spring) and special play readings held thru-out the year.

Chi Alpha Sigma
Chi Alpha Sigma is a national honor society that recognizes intercollegiate athletes who have excelled in the classroom and on the field/court. Membership is by recommendation and limited to upper-class students who have achieved a cumulative 3.4 grade point average and who have earned a letter in a varsity intercollegiate sport.

Kappa Delta Pi
An International Honor Society in Education. KDP is both a University honor society and a professional organization for educators, with over 50,000 members worldwide. It seeks to promote service and academic excellence in the education profession. Membership is open to education majors who are at least second semester sophomores, have been accepted into the Teacher Education program, and whose GPA ranks in the top 20% of the institution.

Kappa Pi
The designation for the Huntington University Chapter of Kappa Pi is Zeta Alpha Pi. The purpose of Zeta Alpha Pi Chapter, also known as Kappa Pi, shall be to promote excellence and recognize outstanding contributions of art in and with our community. Membership in Zeta Alpha Pi Chapter is open to undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty members, and other professional educators. Qualifications for Kappa Pi are: Have no less than first-term sophomore standing (the equivalent of at least 30 semester hours earned by the end of the term prior to the time of initiation). Have at least 12 hours (or equivalent) of art courses programmed, in progress, or completed, with at least a B (3.0) average in these art subjects. Have cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher for all course work completed. Exemplify worthy achievement in the field of art. Express an intention of continuing in the field of art. Give evidence of leadership abilities.

The National Art Education Association, founded in 1947, is the leading professional organization for visual art educators and serves more than 20,000 active members world-wide. Its mission is to promote art education through professional development, service, advancement of knowledge, and leadership. HU's student chapter follows this mission and membership is open to art education majors who intend to promote the visual arts through a school, museum or gallery level. 

Phi Alpha Honor Society
Phi Alpha recognizes the top 15 percent of social work majors. It aims to increase opportunities for students through awards and grants, publications and sponsored research conferences.

Phi Beta Lambda
Phi Beta Lambda is open to majors in Business with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Phi Beta Lambda seeks to apply Christian principles to business relations and develop competent leadership in Business related fields. 

Psi Chi Honor Society
Psi Chi recognizes the top 15 percent of psychology majors. It aims to increase opportunities for students through awards and grants, publications and sponsored research conferences.

Sigma Tau Delta
Sigma Tau Delta is the international English honor society. It is open to upper-class English majors/minors with good academic standing.

Ekklesia, a student-led chapel offered weekly in the evening, allows student leadership to develop spiritually enriching programs for their peers.

Department Clubs

Check out clubs and organizations within academic departments.