Film Certificate

A little skill is a dangerous thing. A lot of skill can change the game!

If you have little experience with filmmaking but want (or need) to know more, check out Huntington University's film certification. Founded in our award-winning film program, this certificate will provide you with the skills and know-how to create basic films for small businesses and organizations, for personal use and edification, or as a launch pad for more.

Who is this certification for?

  • The aspiring young filmmaker who wants to dip his toes in the waters of creativity and see if it’s the career of his dreams
  • The marketer who knows that filmmaking skills will set him apart
  • The employee at a nonprofit who needs to be able to offer a bit more creativity and media skill to her company
  • The job seeker who is trying to move up the career ladder and wants to add a distinguishing item to his resume
  • The person in ministry who knows that if she had a bit more savvy, she could make her messages and sermons shine and reach a new audience

You can earn your certification online in as little as 20 weeks.

As part of your film certification, you’ll take courses focused on production and editing that will build skillsets to accomplish your goals. You’ll have the opportunity to shoot moving images, record sound, manipulate images with industry-standard software tools, and practice non-linear editing techniques to tell stories. Then you’ll harness the art of assembling images and sound to tell compelling stories for film and television.

In a few short months, you will be on your way to turning the art that is in your head into something that others can experience.

How long does it take to complete the animation and film certificates?

The certificates can be competed in as few as 20 weeks.

Software & Hardware Recommendations

You can find all of the software and hardware recommendations right here

All software is included in the cost of tuition.

Are there any fees associated with the certificates?

The $5,000 cost includes all tuition costs and included software access. The all-inclusive cost does not include hardware equipment — see previous questions regarding minimum hardware requirements.

Are the certificates eligible for financial aid?

The certificates do not qualify for federal financial aid. However, Huntington University will accept any outside scholarships, work reimbursement, and possibly other sources of funding upon review. Students can also explore third-party loan options by contacting the Huntington University Office of Financial Aid at or (260) 359-4326.

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